What Is Article Submission

How Can Article Submission Help Me?

Article submission is all about writing articles and submitting them to directories. It sounds pretty hard and boring. Well it is boring, but it's not very hard, just quite repetitive. But just because the process can be boring, it doesn't mean that the results are too.
In fact the results are very exciting.
Once you've done the boring part and the results show themselves, you'll be glad you did it. Every time you submit an article to a directory, you will get at least 1 high quality link back to your site minimum. And that's just for 1 article, and one directory and assuming that no-one else puts your article on their site (Which they will if it's good).
Think about what could happen if you submit 10 articles to 10 directories, that's already 100 high quality links back to your site, now think about what would happen if each of your articles was only republished once? You'd have a total of 200 high quality inbound links to your site.

Why Would I want Inbound Links To My Site?

Because each inbound link to your site, is a path way for the search engines to find your site. The more paths ways leading to your site, the more likely the search engines are to come across one and crawl you site. Also, the more inbound links to your site that exist, the more frequently the search engines will index and crawl your pages.
This means that if you want to create search engine optimized pages (Which I assure you, you do), they'll be crawled and indexed quickly. You can then see what kind of position that page got in the search engines and adjust it accordingly to get closer to that number 1 spot.

What Else Do I Get?

Well aside from the major benefit of inbound links so the search engines can find you, you also get a few other positive results. Every time your article is published on a website, it could be exposed to thousands of people. Every website is going to get some sort of traffic to it, hopefully in the thousands, and a lot of them will see your article if it's in a prominent place, so hopefully some will click through.
Every website owner has already built up trust and a rapport with their visitors and newsletter subscribers, so they are going to be very receptive to whatever you tell them in the article (Providing that it's good). You can siphon off that trust and hopefully have those viewers of your article, trust you as much they trust that website owner. If you've built up enough trust by providing enough quality content in the article, people will click through to your website and hopefully sign up to your newsletter (You do have a newsletter right?), that way you can contact them over and over again for free.

How Do I Submit my Articles?

There are websites dedicated completely to article submission. In a seperate article I'll list all the good ones.
Most require you to sign-up, but it's almost always free. After signing up you can usually submit your articles right away. Just fill in the blanks, such as title, summary, article content and author's bio. The authors bio is the important bit, as it's going to contain a link back to your website.
Then hit submit and you're done with that article.

That should give you plenty to think about for a while, in a separate article I'll give you a list of article submission websites to get your article submission campaign started.

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Published: 4/27/2014 1:31:36 PM
By: Stephen Warren